Engaging tender writing consultants could significantly boost your chances of success when tendering for work in the public sector.

In fact, hiring Tender Response could totally transform your business, with exciting opportunities to scale up your services on a larger scale for a higher turnover and greater profits.

We’re experienced tender writing consultants, offering in-depth expertise to help you secure public sector contracts.

You deserve an outsourced partner who’s obsessively organised and focused, with razor-sharp attention to detail.

Meet Vicky Poole

I founded Tender Response in 2023, after a few years as a freelance. It’s a decision that has fully paid off. Drawing on my background in corporate tender experience has empowered me to empower YOU and help you go for gold. And, it will be my pleasure to help you do so.

My Background

Starting as a mathematician with a commercial mindset not normally linked to maths, I have spent over 15 years in senior strategic sales roles focusing on new public sector business development. With a solid grounding in telecoms and IT, and having won contracts ranging from £50k to £37 million, my experience is your gain.

I lead a team of eleven tender writing consultants and tender administrators.

To the point, they know what good really looks like. Each of us has different specialist industry knowledge and experience; they are true experts in their field, and together, we are a perfect fit – not only in our combined knowledge but in our meticulous approach. We’re governed by systems and logic – exactly what you need.

Our respect for deadlines is sacrosanct. Our work, immaculate.

You deserve an outsourced partner who’s obsessively organised and focused, with razor-sharp attention to detail. Likewise, one who notices everything and misses nothing. And, who knows the minutiae and intricacies of the formal procurement process inside out.

Why? Because these tiny yet critical things could increase your chances of winning the contract.

We offer customised support to lead you into contracts for work in the public sector.

Tender Response will find tenders and grants for your business, review and qualify them to identify critical framework requirements, analyse your responses (if you wish to write them yourself), and/or manage the entire process on your behalf, including the writing. Your response will meet the framework criteria: every dot and comma.

Plus, we can oversee the procurement portals to submit all your tender documents.

Tender Response has a positive working relationship with Crown Commercial Services, which governs procurement procedures across all UK-wide frameworks and ensures that all tender responses meet their minimum requirement level.

Refer to our Tender Finder, Tender Reader, Tender Writer and Grants Finder pages for more detailed information on how it all works. Also, we offer Tender Support – our Finder, Reader and Writer services in one invaluable package.

Not all tender writing consultants are the same. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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What our clients say about us

Vicky helped me to qualify a grant that I was exploring for my business. I found her approach to be simple straightforward and I'm actually arranging for Vicky to be a speaker at an event I'm organising at the UK Africa trade Expo in March of 2024 to educate people to educate my peers and and organisations that will be present. I can't sing her praise highly enough she's an absolutely absolutely wonderful wealth of experience.

Tonye, Co-Founder Director of Geotech Solutions

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