We’ve kept a record of the main questions our clients ask us when engaging with the Tender Response team. This list of public procurement FAQs isn’t exhaustive; it can’t be. Your industry sector and business are distinct, and you may have a burning question that isn’t covered here.

Or, that we’ve not thought of yet.

Call us on 0203 9300 664 or contact Tender Response via this website for more information.

What Areas of Business Do You Support?

In brief, all of them.
We are a team of eleven highly experienced bid professionals, and each one of us has specific sector expertise, with a broad range of sub-sectors included. Tender Response’s service delivery is high-level.
Construction, IT, Marketing, Financial Services, Technology – our knowledge and experience is extensive.

Do You Work on International Tenders?

No, we don’t. Our specialist skills are in UK-based public sector and charity procurements.

How Much Do You Charge?

Apologies, we can’t offer you a definitive answer for all our services. However, for our Tender Finder service, prices start at £37 and progress from there, depending on the level of qualification and support you need.
We provide our Tender Reader and Tender Writer services for a fixed fee – which sets us apart from many competitors. This means that should your bid succeed, we do not charge a commission.

Can I Cancel?

With Tender Finder you can cancel any time. And, you can upgrade. Tender Finder Plus involves a minimum six-month commitment due to the commitment and work involved from Tender Response.
As we price on a per-tender basis that you pay on submission, you only pay for what you have used regarding our Tender Writer service.

Do I Need to be a Subscriber to Access Tender Writing Support?

No, if you have your own tender document and need help with it, we can help. From one question to the whole tender, we’ve got the expertise you require.

Do I Need to Subscribe to Tender Finder to Use Tender Reader?

No. We’d be pleased to work with you if you find your own tender and would like us to help you respond to it.

How Long Does It Take?

We work systematically, carefully and in a structured way – so this streamlines our processes and means that we steam along faster than if you were doing it yourself.
There’s no set time.
However, detail is everything. We can’t rush. It’s worth mentioning that we will need information from you within a certain number of days so that the whole response is ready in plenty of time. This is our structure and process:
• We will aim for complete submission and upload 24 hours before it is due for submission
• There will be two internal reviews before we send the document to you
• Your internally reviewed tender document will be with you three working days before submission
• For larger tenders, we will share the content with you in batches. Generally, larger tenders have 10 or more questions.

What About Copyright?

All copyright belongs to you. We write your content so that, should you wish, you can use it elsewhere in your marketing: handy “sound bites” for your business. This applies whether we’ve written just one response or the whole tender.
If you buy policies from us, copyright will belong to you.
Importantly, we can build up a bid library on your behalf which we can review and improve for every subsequent bid we work on with you. As our client, you will have access to this information.

Help, I Need Access to Policies. Can You Help?

Relax. Yes, we can. We have access to several types of policies, including:
• Social Value
• Modern Slavery
• Sustainability
• Social Value
• Modern Slavery
• Health and Safety
• Quality
• Environmental
• Diversity and Equality
• Staff Development and Training
• Business Continuity

How Do You Manage Passwords? Are They Fully Secure?

We use lastpass.com to manage passwords across our business. To access the portal yourself, you can set us up as an approved user. Or, we can manage portal access for you. You will need to be subscribed to Tender Response to use this service.

Are You Insured?

Yes, we have full public liability insurance.

What Makes You Different as a Business?

Look at our Why Work with Tender Response page for many compelling reasons to pick up the phone to us.
We’ve thought of a few more, though:
We fully support equality, and fairness – including equal pay for all. And, helping people achieve success with us regardless of circumstances. So, most of the Tender Response team are working carers; either they support children, disabled siblings or ageing parents. Our focus is on offering flexibility to work when they want to, rather than to inflexible time frames.
Even if you are new to tendering, we can still do everything from start to finish. For example, you may not have references yet; no worries, we’ll get them for you. And, can supply adaptable templates for any critical documents. It’s a secure way to sell, as you will be outsourcing this complicated process to an exceptional company that lives, breathes and eats tenders.
Not literally, of course.

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