We’re professional bid writers in the UK, specialising in public sector tenders and proposals.

We’re experienced, professional bid writers in the UK, specialising in public sector tenders. Tender Response supports businesses from all industry sectors, including sole Traders, SMEs and franchises.

State sector tenders and grants are full of potential. In this case, your potential.

Undoubtedly, you’ll want to maximise the opportunity. Your company deserves the best possible chance of winning the contract. Let Tender Response transform what seems utterly daunting and unachievable if you try to do it yourself – into your success, to help you grow your company.

Contact Us

We’d encourage you to call us on 0203 9300 664 to arrange an appointment with a consultant to discuss your needs. You can outsource the entire process or just a part of it to Tender Response. What would suit your budget, timeframe and requirements the best?

Onboarding/Sign On. Let’s Get Started

Depending on how you engage us, your onboarding session with us could be relatively brief or in-depth. We need to get to know you, and for our whole suite of services, including Tender Reader and Tender Writer, learn as much as possible about your business, who you’ve sold to, your USPs and much more.

Tender Finder
Tender Finder

Tender Finder takes all of the headache out of looking for newly released contracts

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Tender Reader
Tender Reader

The Tender Response team are specialists in bids and tenders

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Tender Writer
Tender Writer

Comprehensive Bid Writing Support for Your Most Crucial Proposals.

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Grants Finder
Grants Finder

Overcome Complex Grant Applications; Propel Your Business Forward.

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Tender Support

Would you like us to bring everything together for a premium service?

Would you like us to bring everything together for a premium service: Tender Support? Here, we’ll find, qualify and respond to tenders on your behalf. It’s the best of the best, bringing together Tender Finder, Reader and Writer – all in one package to support your needs.

Not only that – we’ll keep you up to speed with regular updates.

Let’s talk in-depth, with a meticulous briefing, for your best outcome.

Keen to find out more about Tender Support, or any of our other services? Feel free to contact us via this website.

Strategy Workshop

Join us for our immersive strategy workshop

You are cordially invited to an immersive strategy workshop with our selected internal subject matter experts and the bid response team. Allow for approximately two hours for the creation of a production schedule.

Subsequent sessions will focus on the different aspects of the bid and generally take up to one hour at a time.

We’ll securely store all response materials online and invite you to view them as you need. Also, you’ll receive daily updates.

Don’t forget to give us access to your accounts, certificates, insurance documents, etc. There may be additional questions on the portal; these are crucial as they score you higher points, and we can answer them for you.


Make sure nothing has been missed using our comprehensive review service

We have two internal reviews: pink, then red. The pink one ensures that all the required answers are in place. Red is a scrutiny check – a fine-tooth analysis to make doubly sure that we’ve included everything we need to.

You will receive your document to review at least three days before submission.

How long is the subscription for?

There is no minimum commitment and you are able to cancel at any time. We would advise to give the process 6 months as some contracts can take time to become available.

Can I change my subscription?

Absolutely. You can self manage your subscriptions or you an email accounts@tenderresponse.co.uk and the team can do this for you.

Working With You

Unlock Your Tender Potential with Expert Guidance

Tender Response recognises that your tender submission is time-critical so that we will meet all our milestones.

And, your deadline will be set in stone. Depending on your project’s scope and size, we’d like to work closely with you as you need. Proactive contact will keep you on track and up to speed. Don’t forget: it’s an authentic, two-way collaborative process; there’s essential information that we will need from you. It’s a reasonably rigorous progression, but don’t be concerned. Tender Response will do the heavy lifting for you.

Ready to grow? Ready for take-off?

We’d be delighted to work with you. Contact us for more information. Or, find out how we work here.

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    What our clients say about us

    As a kind of small, medium business, tenders are very time consuming, can be quite arduous, potentially complex, and she cut through it all, making it very clear, concise, articulate, and helped us with our final submission in terms of writing the final draft, which basically allowed us to focus on selling our business, our services and USPs and the commercials into the template that was required and necessary for the project in hand. And happily to say, sort of 10 days later, our first using of Vicky's services, we won that tender.

    Leyton Ede, MD LIVE Experiences

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