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Whether you are looking to make a particular project Carbon Neutral, or whether you are exploring a Carbon Accounting solution for our business, our Green Response suite has an answer for you.

Shaping the net zero future of your business using carbon credits for your carbon offsetting

This plan outlines your current Carbon Emissions and the steps that your business will be taking to achieve your net zero date.

Your Carbon Reduction Plan should be present on your website with a URL that can be included within your Supplier Qualification Questionnaire, or on your Crown Commercial Services Framework Application.

Plans are reviewed annually with updated forms being uploaded regularly.

If you don’t currently have a Carbon Reduction Plan, you can download the template here.

You can arrange some time with a Tender Response consultant who can help complete your form with you for a nominal charge.

Project Offsetting

One of the main tendering opportunities are for fixed term contracts, which typically occur within technology, construction or facilities sectors. One of the standard questions asked within the bid pack is “How will the supplier ensure that the delivery of the contract meets sustainability requirements?” Whilst the response will vary depending on the scope of works, a nice addition to make to this response is the offer of a carbon offset certificate.

Instead of simply buying trees to offset your carbon generated as a result of your project, why not offer a bigger hitting impact with Skoot.

Skoot is a Certified B Corporation Company that has also been accredited by leaders in climate change action (United Nation Climate Change, Gold Standard, Sustainable Development Goals, VERRA, Corsia, and CSA Group).

Amongst the services that Skoot offers is Carbon Credits. Skoot can help you calculate your project related Carbon Emissions, and present you with projects open for Carbon Credits, and even present you with a certificate of your offset to share with your client.

Learn more about Carbon Credits here

PPN0124 and PPN0621

The UK has a declared a Climate Emergency and has a Carbon Net Zero date of 2050. UK Government has announced that all companies are responsible for their carbon emissions and their subsequent carbon reduction. In 2024, all contracts over £5million total contract value are required to produce annual reporting on carbon emissions across all three scopes. By 2030, all companies will be required to report on carbon emissions for all contracts.

Here at Tender Response, we recognise that businesses want to do what they do best (which isn’t Carbon Reporting) which is why we have an offering to do this for you.

As approved Notch partners, we can manage all of the carbon accounting and carbon emissions reporting on your behalf. Simply send us your data and we do the rest.

Every year, we will be able to report on your success to achieving your Net Zero goal with standard reports that are fully compliant with UK Government Regulations (PPN0124 and PPN0621)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 scopes for carbon emissions?

Scope 1 Emissions

These emissions originate from sources that an organisation directly owns or controls. For example, emissions resulting from the combustion of fuel in the organisation’s own fleet of vehicles (assuming they are not electric) are classified under Scope 1.

Scope 2 Emissions

These are emissions that an organisation causes indirectly, which arise from the production of the energy it purchases and consumes. For instance, the emissions generated during the production of electricity used within the organisation’s buildings fall under Scope 2.

Scope 3 Emissions

These encompass all other indirect emissions not covered by Scopes 1 and 2, which occur across the organisation’s value chain. This includes emissions from activities such as the procurement, utilisation, and disposal of products from suppliers. Scope 3 emissions capture all sources not accounted for within the Scope 1 and Scope 2 definitions.

Do I really need a carbon reduction plan?

Yes. Carbon reduction plans have been an optional requirement since 2012 and have over time became more prominent in the procurement process

How much is this going to cost?

Your Carbon Reduction Plan is available as a template that you can complete yourself at no cost. If your business works on a project, or contract basis, then perhaps Carbon Credits through Skoot will provide a lower costing option for you. By 2030, all companies selling into the Public Sector will be required to have Annual Carbon Emission Reporting. The software comes with an annual subscription and you can choose to upload the data yourself, or subscribe to a professional service offered by Tender Response to complete all elements for your business, on your behalf.

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