Unleash the Power of Data-Driven Tendering with Tender Analytics Dashboards

Are you tired of flying blind in the competitive world of public procurement?

What if we told you there is a way to gain a crystal-clear view of the market and stay ahead of the game?

Introducing Tender Analytics Dashboards – a game-changing suite of interactive tools designed to give you unprecedented visibility and actionable insights into the world of public sector contracts in the UK.

About Tender Analytics

Open Contracting Data Standard

OCDS offers unparalleled transparency and data quality – enabling more advanced procurement analytics to be conducted over the public procurement landscape than when compared to commonly used legacy data formats.

Our goal is to help suppliers unlock the power of open contracting data, enabling more effective decision making through robust analytics.

Complete coverage of the UK

We aggregate public sector contracting data, public sector agreements data, and many other useful business and industry datasets. e.g. Companies House data

We’re passionate about linking and connecting these rich data sources to create a more complete and comprehensive picture of the public procurement landscape.

Data Enrichment

Powered by advanced data science techniques and artificial intelligence, we uncover hidden patterns and bridge data gaps, ensuring your public sector contract data is not just enriched but strategically actionable.

Our data scientists get excited about data quality and love connecting data points to transform public sector contracts into public sector insights.

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The Gains

Visibility of the market

Gain unprecedented levels of visibility into the public procurement landscape with the interactive Tender Analytics Dashboards and Reports. This powerful suite of analytical tools allows you to effortlessly navigate and explore a wealth of rich data related to public sector contracts in the UK.

Go beyond surface-level information and delve into comprehensive analyses covering contract volumes, supplier dynamics, buyer behaviours and much more

Understanding of the market

Gain an in-depth understanding of the public procurement market with our comprehensive dashboards and reports that emphasize trend analysis and data aggregation. These powerful analytical tools consolidate the intricate moving parts of the market into one accessible place, providing you with a centralized hub for exploring and dissecting the complexities of public sector contracts.

Knowledge and decision making

Gain a strategic advantage through trend-focused insights that empower you to make informed decisions and steer your business strategy with confidence.

The Tender Analytics Dashboards and Reports go beyond mere data presentation, offering a profound understanding of emerging trends, shifting market dynamics, and evolving stakeholder behaviours within the public procurement landscape.

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Closing dates always close in on us. But – we’re fully prepared.

Tender Response recognises that your tender submission is time-critical so that we will meet all our milestones.

And, your deadline will be set in stone. Depending on your project’s scope and size, we’d like to work closely with you as you need. Proactive contact will keep you on track and up to speed. Don’t forget: it’s an authentic, two-way collaborative process; there’s essential information that we will need from you. It’s a reasonably rigorous progression, but don’t be concerned. Tender Response will do the heavy lifting for you.

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