Expert grant finder services for SMEs and not-for-profit organisations.

There are funding opportunities out there, we’ll help you find them.

Applying for grant funding can be a fiddly business. It’s easy to miss vital information. Putting applications together is time-consuming, too. Yet, non-repayable grants are widely available and could greatly support your SME, or not-for-profit organisation. Your worthwhile project deserves help, or you may wish to provide valuable, additional services.

So, don’t miss out on this beneficial cash injection; financial resources are most definitely out there, and we can help you find them.

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Grants in the UK

Grants come in various shapes and forms. For instance, they can be awarded by district councils or by your county council. Then there are central or national initiatives, which, although they sound the same, most definitely aren’t.

Grants are competitive. A great deal of preparation goes into finding, planning and submitting proposals for them.

Our team of experts will keep you updated with the latest grant funding options, with regular notifications of opportunities. We will supply you with a list of grants in the order you can apply for them. Found the grant you’re after? Good news. You can either:

  • Apply for financing yourself, or
  • Take out a subscription for this service to be done for you.
  • Come to Tender Response to enquire about an individual submission

We offer the know-how you need to add value, save time and help you focus on other key aspects of your business. Also, to help you receive the backing that you may need.

Once you’ve spoken to one of our expert Tender Response team members and settled on the perfect service for your needs, we’ll be ready to get started straight away.

First, based on your industry or the nature of the grant you’re applying to, we’ll assign one of our specialist tender writers to your project. They’ll be in touch within 1 day/ 8 hours to arrange a kick-off meeting.

During this meeting, you can share the key messages you want to get across in your bid and they’ll ask you a series of questions based on the information they’ll need to draft your response. Our writers carefully review all the tender or grant documents on your behalf to ensure we gather all relevant content.

The meeting also provides an opportunity for you to agree on the review process with your writer. Would you prefer to read a first draft of the whole bid in full, or review and feedback question by question, for example?

Throughout the writing process, our colleagues will keep you informed on progress and ask follow-up questions as needed. This can be entirely email-based or through regular video calls – our approach is entirely flexible to your needs and preferences.

We’ll complete the grant response document in full, leaving only the costings for you to worry about. Our highly experienced proofreaders will then review everything to ensure the submission is of the highest quality and highlights your application to its fullest potential.

You will have a final version to review and amend, or approve, no less than three days before the submission deadline.

Finally, once you’re happy with everything we can submit on your behalf. We usually aim to submit 24 hours before the deadline.

Working With You

Closing dates always close in on us. But – we’re fully prepared.

Tender Response recognises that your tender submission is time-critical so that we will meet all our milestones.

And, your deadline will be set in stone. Depending on your project’s scope and size, we’d like to work closely with you as you need. Proactive contact will keep you on track and up to speed. Don’t forget: it’s an authentic, two-way collaborative process; there’s essential information that we will need from you. It’s a reasonably rigorous progression, but don’t be concerned. Tender Response will do the heavy lifting for you.

Ready to grow? Ready for take-off?

We’d be delighted to work with you. Contact us for more information. Or, find out how we work here.

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    As a kind of small, medium business, tenders are very time consuming, can be quite arduous, potentially complex, and she cut through it all, making it very clear, concise, articulate, and helped us with our final submission in terms of writing the final draft, which basically allowed us to focus on selling our business, our services and USPs and the commercials into the template that was required and necessary for the project in hand. And happily to say, sort of 10 days later, our first using of Vicky's services, we won that tender.

    Leyton Ede, MD LIVE Experiences

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