Need a tender review service? We have the skills to read through your tender pack and cast an expert eye over your response, with feedback.

A tender review service from Tender Response could deliver experience and skills at a critical time: the early, second stage of the bid process. When selling to the public sector, here’s how Tender Reader could tick more boxes than you may realise.

Is this You?

Most likely, courtesy of our Tender Finder service, you have found the most excellent tender. It’s a yes from you. Now, you just need to download it, go through the documents and submit a detailed response if you can.

There’s a bit of a glitch, however. The tender pack has enormous files. It also looks intimidating, overwhelming and incredibly confusing. The depth of information they need is astonishing. As a result, you’re not one hundred per cent sure you can supply the services they need.

You’d really like to know if all this is worth it. Tender Response is here to take away your stress.

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Tender Review Service 1

We’ll Analyse Your Tender Pack Documents

Our team are the consummate specialists in tenders and bids.

We’re aware of the restrictions they carry and where they may be. For example, there could be complicated or unreasonable payment terms, a minimum turnover you need to have, or exacting response times.

We’ll read the entire tender pack and provide a user-friendly overview of the tender to help you make an informed decision.

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We’ll Review Your Submission

Don’t click “submit”. Not yet.

Do not press the button until you’ve asked Tender Response to go through it with a fine tooth comb. We’ll act as your evaluator, scoring your responses against the evaluation criteria and bid requirements with a view to you gaining maximum points.

Through our near-obsessive attention to detail, tender and bid knowledge and thorough understanding of how it all works, we’ll offer feedback on the following:

  • Indicate gaps where essential information should be
  • Proofread and highlight any grammatical and spelling errors. (These do)
  • Input on formatting and word count limits
  • Suggest areas that you could improve
  • Recommend ways to standardise the text so that it has a consistent tone of voice and style

Tender Response will point you in the right direction thanks to constructive advice that ups and improves your game. This is expert insight, with an intuitive understanding and exhaustive knowledge of what your public sector prospect wants to see and how they want to see it.

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But Wait a Moment...

While we’ll offer feedback you can act on and will most likely provide some valuable bullet points to expand, this is not a writing or re-writing service.

Moreover, be aware that for a fixed fee, we can answer the crucial questions on the portal that you may have missed; this could mean the difference between success and failure.

Over to you. Or, your in-house team for submission. Alternatively, Tender Response’s Bid Writing service may be your ideal next step

Read the Tender Reader Terms & Conditions

Working With You

Closing dates always close in on us. But – we’re fully prepared.

Tender Response recognises that your tender submission is time-critical so that we will meet all our milestones.

And, your deadline will be set in stone. Depending on your project’s scope and size, we’d like to work closely with you as you need. Proactive contact will keep you on track and up to speed. Don’t forget: it’s an authentic, two-way collaborative process; there’s essential information that we will need from you. It’s a reasonably rigorous progression, but don’t be concerned. Tender Response will do the heavy lifting for you.

Ready to grow? Ready for take-off?

We’d be delighted to work with you. Contact us for more information. Or, find out how we work here.

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