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17th May 2024
Bid Writing & Tender Management

In today’s competitive marketplace, the ability to secure long term contracts and projects through successful bidding is big business. Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a dedicated salesperson, mastering the art of bid writing or tender writing can significantly reshape the fortunes of your enterprise.

At Tender Response, we understand the significant impact that effective bid writing or tender writing can have on your business. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of writing such responses, and how our expert services can help elevate your bidding efforts to new heights.

Crafting Compelling Bid Responses

In the fiercely competitive arena of bidding, securing victory often hinges on crafting the most compelling bids and tenders. Tender writing has evolved into a mission-critical skill in the realm of business development. The ability to articulate your value proposition persuasively can make all the difference in winning contracts and projects.

Rising Standards in Tender Writing

Recent years have witnessed a noticeable uptick in the quality of tender writing. Many large enterprises have established in-house content teams, recognizing the strategic importance of this function. However, as competition intensifies, maintaining that edge solely with in-house capabilities has become increasingly challenging.

The Role of External Bid Writers

External Bid and Tender Writers play a crucial role in providing assistance and support to businesses navigating the complexities of competitive tendering. At Tender Response, we offer expertise in tender writing tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We bring everything together for the Bid response, including gathering client references, contract references and soundbites to give your business the best chance of winning that Bid – yes client references, contract references and soundbites are 3 different things!

When you are looking to expand into larger contracts, often a limiting factor is skillset or knowledge of the process. What we, Tender Response offer is a tender writer without the requirement of a long-term subscription. Our resource would be allocated to you on a bid writer job basis.

Our Approach

Led by the experienced Vicky Poole, our team boasts extensive experience in responding to public sector contracts, achieving an impressive 80% win rate over 15 years. Our approach is results-driven, with each tender meticulously crafted to meet the specific contract specifications.

Each bid writer within Tender Response is allocated to one bid response at a time, although there may be several bids on the go at any one time with the same client – we only every provide resources on a bid writer job basis.

Collaborative Partnership

When you choose to partner with Tender Response, you can expect a collaborative and immersive experience. Our process begins with a Strategy Workshop, where your internal Subject Matter Experts collaborate with our team to define the overall bid strategy.

Subsequent knowledge transfer sessions are scheduled to focus on specific facets of the bid, ensuring alignment with your unique selling points. Throughout the process, we maintain transparent communication, providing daily individual action updates to track progress.

We provide direct access to your allocated bid writer, who in turn is supported by the Tender Response Administration Team. It is really important to us that each client receives one-on-one support from the tender writers.

The Final Product

Upon completion, you’ll receive a comprehensive draft of the Bid Response for review and feedback. Your input is invaluable in refining and perfecting the Bid before final submission. Our goal is to highlight the reasons why your organization stands out as the preferred choice for each bid you pursue.

In an environment where only the best bids can succeed, let Tender Response guide you towards achieving the pinnacle of bidding excellence.

Effective Tender writing is a game-changer for businesses looking to secure lucrative contracts and projects. At Tender Response, we’re committed to helping you elevate your bidding efforts through our expert Bid Writing or Tender writing services. With our collaborative approach and proven track record of success, we’re here to support your business every step of the way.

At Tender Response we partner with all kinds of businesses to support them with top-quality bid writing or tender writing and always keep previous responses on file. By collating and repurposing content, we are able to streamline the writing process for our clients, ensure consistency and quality and help them gain a vital competitive edge.

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Bid Writing & Tender Management

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As a kind of small, medium business, tenders are very time consuming, can be quite arduous, potentially complex, and she cut through it all, making it very clear, concise, articulate, and helped us with our final submission in terms of writing the final draft, which basically allowed us to focus on selling our business, our services and USPs and the commercials into the template that was required and necessary for the project in hand. And happily to say, sort of 10 days later, our first using of Vicky's services, we won that tender.

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