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21st February 2024 The Strategic Advantages of Outsourcing Procurement to Specialised Agencies

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, the quest for operational excellence and cost optimization remains a top priority for organizations across industries. One strategic avenue that businesses are increasingly exploring is the outsourcing of procurement functions to specialized agencies. This shift towards external procurement consultancy is driven by the desire to leverage the expertise of professionals […]

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31st January 2024 Beyond Ticking Boxes: Navigating the Future of Procurement with Social Value and Carbon Consciousness

Almost all procurements include Social Value these days and carry an attributable scoring of 5-10%. Sadly most of the work counts are still 500 words with only the occasional question reaching up to 1000 words.

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4th January 2024 Nurturing Community: The Enduring Value of Regular Support for Local Charities

In the vibrant mosaic of contemporary society, local charities stand as beacons of hope and compassion, serving as vital pillars of support for those facing adversity. They are the unsung heroes, tirelessly working to address pressing issues that touch the lives of countless individuals within their communities. Yet, beneath their unwavering dedication and determination lies […]

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19th December 2023 How Bigger Contracts Enhances Returns and Improves Business Longevity

In the realm of business, sales generation is the heartbeat that propels growth and prosperity. But what if I told you there’s a strategic approach that not only turbocharges your revenue but also fortifies your business for the long haul? In this illuminating exploration of sales generation, we’ll dive headfirst into the exciting world of […]

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6th December 2023 Are you building a business to sell? Here’s a simple trick to get more money for your company!

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, the ultimate measure of success often hinges on a single, critical question: What is your business worth? Whether you’re a seasoned business owner considering your next move or an up-and-coming entrepreneur with aspirations of grandeur, understanding how to boost the value of your business is paramount. The truth is […]

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24th November 2023 Understanding the Distinction: Procurement Portals vs. Compliant Frameworks

In the realm of procurement, organizations often rely on various mechanisms to streamline supplier selection and ensure adherence to quality standards. Two common approaches are procurement portals and compliant frameworks. While both serve the purpose of facilitating procurement processes, they differ in their underlying principles and functionalities. This article aims to shed light on the […]

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10th November 2023 Navigating the Annual Public Procurement Cycle: From Budgeting Planning to Winning Contracts

The Rhythm of Public Procurement The world of public procurement operates within a structured annual calendar that bears a significant influence on how governments and public entities acquire goods, services, and works. Understanding this annual rhythm is not just beneficial but crucial for businesses and organizations seeking to participate effectively in the public procurement process. […]

Public Sector Sales
23rd October 2023 The Importance of References in Tenders and Bid Submissions

In the competitive landscape of tenders and bids, every detail matters. Among these, references hold a special place, serving as powerful testimonials that can significantly elevate a submission. This blog delves into the crucial role references play in the tendering process and why businesses should pay heed to this oft-underestimated component. What Are References in […]

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4th October 2023 How To Access Framework Agreements

Securing a spot on a coveted framework agreement can be a transformative experience for a business. It offers direct routes to a wealth of contracting opportunities with public sector organizations. However, the tendering journey can be labyrinthine. Here’s a comprehensive look at the stages involved in piecing together a robust tender submission for a framework. […]

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12th April 2024 The three key differences between tender writers and content writers

Can a content writer also write tender submissions? Well, yes, in theory, they can. However, while both roles involve crafting compelling written material, there are significant differences between the two professions. Content writers and tender or bid writers have different skills and each has its own responsibilities and objectives. Here are what we think are […]

3rd April 2024 Why it’s worth investing in your stock content?

When you’re writing tender and bid submissions, it’s no exaggeration to say that every word matters. Getting your proposal to stand out isn’t just about listing your capabilities and quoting a fair price, you also need to be able to effectively communicate your value proposition. Doing that time and time again from scratch can be […]

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28th March 2024 Finding Tenders and Contracts in London

In the world of business procurement, efficiency and staying ahead of the competition are paramount. As technology advances, procurement portals have emerged as indispensable platforms for accessing business opportunities.

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