A Day in the Life of a Tender Response Writer by Vicky Poole

30th June 2023
Public Sector Sales

A Day in the Life of a Tender Response Writer by Vicky Poole

First things first: coffee! In a mug designed for two portions.

Why? Because when you get into that flow, nothing can interrupt you.

As professional bid writers, our day successfully begins with a nice cup of coffee. This is to get the day started and our brains stimulated. Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of writing compelling bids!

At 9 a.m., or after I’ve dropped the kids at school but before my day fully begins, I have a five-minute mindful meditation. This is an opportunity for the brain to be still and get ready for the mental marathon of the day to come.

Being a bid writer means constantly sticking to tight deadlines, juggling lots of work, and liaising with clients in their chosen medium, which can be the most frustrating of all.

After creating a quick Success List for the day—that’s all of the critical things that need to be done that day, from everything that could be completed (AKA the to-do list)— I hop straight into Item 1.

I usually have some elements of proofreading from another member of the team that I can crack on with once my success list has been completed.

Then there’s the preparation for LinkedIn Live with Gareth Wax. We talk Tuesday about Tender Response, Wednesday about Tender Promote and Thursday about my Passion Project, Communication Coaching.


Daily Activities 

Here at Tender Response, we find tenders, qualify them with clients, and then write the responses. At any given point, we will have four to ten projects on the go, so it’s a real challenge to keep on top of everything.

When it comes to responding to PQQs, we do this for our clients once they have agreed that they wish to proceed. We keep everything on file for our clients, so the impact on them and their BAU activities is minimal.

For Tender Responses, we will gather information from our clients and transform it into end-customer-facing materials such as CVs, case studies, content, and even portal management.

A bid writer and the tasks they do make the role one of the most important positions in any organisation.

Writing tender responses

The major section of an expert bid writer’s position is finishing PQQs, ITTs, and exceptional questions. This ability means that a giant component of our day can be spent growing revolutionary content material for our clients.
Most writing can be deliberated in advance. We like to make sure we are being succinct enough to exhibit our clients offerings within restrained wordcounts. Our expert bid writers are actual wordsmiths with top-notch grammar and exquisite writing abilities.
Many of our bid writers have posted works, and the know-how and high quality they convey to expert gentle writing is virtually indispensable to growing and triumphing remarkable tenders for all our clients.
Writing smooth responses is a time-focused task. We regularly work to tight closing dates, and our expert bid writers make sure they set aside adequate time to complete the contracts earlier than submission.

Managing bid writing for multiple clients

Our group of expert bid writers is well-versed in working reactively. With regular deadlines, we work instinctively towards what we desire to do the soonest.

On a normal day, you can see our bid writers dealing with up to four one-of-a kind bids for that coming week. To do this, they make certain of the following:

  • Enough time has been deliberated to be in a position to fulfil the desires of the smooth and publish on time.

  • Quality questions are utterly answered and distinguished meticulously with gorgeous facts about our clients.

  • We have had adequate data from the customer to be in a position to create any CVs or case studies needed to raise the proposal.

Juggling a busy workload is something our expert bid writers do with ease. We have the herbal capability to write passionately about our clients, making sure they are introduced in a nice, viable, mild way to plausible buyers.

Our expert bid writers are skilled in all degrees of the process. This capability should not be underestimated. No matter where you’re at with your tendering journey, we have a committed group on hand to supply bids for you.

Writing for different industries

On a common day, it’s pretty common for our bid writers to be working reactively throughout one-of-a-kind bids. With this potential, you should be working on a cleansing soft in the morning, then swapping to an innovative or digital smooth for the grant of clever boards for colleges in the afternoon.

With this skill, our workdays are notably varied, which is awesome and wonderful for our expert bid writers. Writing for distinct consumers and industries is extraordinarily important, and we’re proud to say that we can cover any industry.

Our dedication to mastering and looking up has seen us increase our number of sector-specific portals by ten, making sure our understanding reaches a long way and is huge in terms of business. It’s due to this that we’re capable of writing instinctively and with gusto about distinct sectors.

Perks of being an independent professional bid writer

There is no query about it; bid writing is a difficult role. Nevertheless, it is one of the most rewarding.

After a 15-year career in strategic sales, bid writing has been the area in which I have enjoyed the most. Your outputs can actually double the income of a company, prevailing new commercial enterprises and contracts that clearly put your clients’ names in flashing lights inside their industry.

Some of the advantages of being a bid creator include:

  • Industry expert

Professional bid writers can become industry experts across multiple disciplines. They work with a large variety of industries on an everyday basis. In a brief time, bid writers are exposed to the most current content material on more than one enterprise’s merchandise and services. Bid writers will sooner or later attain knowledge in every subject over time.

  • Highly Visible

Due to bid writing groups being genuinely close-knit, a stakeholder presence is usually nearby. They exhibit considerable passion in all of their employees. As a bid writer, you have the special chance to construct relationships and show your worth.

  • Significant Impact

Bid writers are knee-deep in growing compelling content, vital to winning big contracts. This is truly inspiring and leads to higher job satisfaction overall. You get the chance to turn out to be an actual accomplice and guide to the business.

Why do I do this for SMEs?

Tender Responses are often seen as a dark art, only accessible and completed by the largest of firms. I love working with smaller companies that I can help develop long-lasting relationships with and help grow over time.

What we do

Here at Tender Response, we offer a fully inclusive service, helping companies to:

  • Searching government portals

  • Read and understand the scope of work, including identifying any business gotchas.

  • Write: compile a strong written response, except for commercials.

  • Promote: where, when, and how to shout about your business and recent contract awards

All of our services do exactly what they say on the tin.

Tender Finder

For a fixed monthly fee, we will review the portals in search of any contracts that may be relevant to you. Including any paid memberships that your business subscribes to. The frequency of our notices can be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, depending on your chosen plan.

Tender Reader

As a busy business person, when you find a tender that you want to go for, it is unlikely that you’re going to find the time to read the tender pack, which can be 700 pages long. Tender Read allows a member of our team to read the tender pack and highlight the business gotchas that may influence your decision to respond to the tender. Tender Read is a fixed price and is refunded if you use Tender Write to respond to the tender.

We also offer proofreading services for the same fixed fee, where we read your response and highlight areas for improvement to strengthen it.

Tender Writer

We work as a contractor for your business, utilising the downtime that your key members of staff have, such as travelling between appointments, to ask questions about business processes, the approach to this particular solution, and what key elements are your USPs that will resonate with the client. We pull together the written response for all of the questions, including the bid management of any contributing parties such as your suppliers and your clients (if we need references).

Tender Promote

Promotional services are more than mere media. We utilise up to eight different social media platforms to create a tailor-made social media experience for your clients. We complete all of the social listening services required to be most effective for your marketing aspirations and use the social media algorithms to boost your posts’ reach.

We also offer a bespoke Social Selling Index service for LinkedIn to increase your brand’s popularity among key personnel within your organisation or the company itself, making sure that your brand stands out from the competition.

Promotion is incredibly important, as the services that Tender Response provides through Tender Finder, Tender Read, Tender Write, and Tender Promote only cover stages 3–6 of the entire procurement process. Stages 1 and 2 happen before a procurement is advertised.

Stage 1: A person within a public sector body will complete an element of due diligence to understand the art of the possible. Potentially speaking with industry leads and reading journals.

Stage 2: A subgroup of these individuals or businesses identified will be invited to present “what your solution could look like” to a panel within the public sector body. This then forms part of the basis of the procurement, which will then be advertised.

How do we work?

The bid author function contains superb challenges when it comes to coordinating the ordinary gentle technique and working collectively as a crew to procure and win contracts on behalf of our clients.

Our foremost intention with our bid group is to furnish aid; you won’t locate an extra devoted group elsewhere, equipped to take in the small print of your enterprise that makes you shine.
If you have a query about the tendering process, don’t hesitate to pick up the mobile or email us to ask. We’d rather be a substitute, you ask, than be caught annoying over something we can remedy for you.

Once you sign up for one of our brilliant services, may it be Tender Finder, Tender Read, Tender Write, or Tender Promote, our team is happy to arrange a schedule for your bid (if you have a specific one in mind) or a schedule for your business accomplishments in order for you to start targeting Public Sector Contracts.

For more information about how Tender Response can help your business grow in the Public Sector sales space, contact info@tenderresponse.co.uk or book a free call with one of our consultants here.

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As a kind of small, medium business, tenders are very time consuming, can be quite arduous, potentially complex, and she cut through it all, making it very clear, concise, articulate, and helped us with our final submission in terms of writing the final draft, which basically allowed us to focus on selling our business, our services and USPs and the commercials into the template that was required and necessary for the project in hand. And happily to say, sort of 10 days later, our first using of Vicky's services, we won that tender.

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