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29th September 2023
Public Sector Sales

The profound impact of a successful Bid Writing service cannot be overstated when it comes to reshaping the fortunes of a business. In the fiercely competitive arena of bidding, securing victory hinges on crafting the most compelling proposals. Consequently, the art of bid and tender writing has evolved into a mission-critical skill in the realm of business development. Many sizeable enterprises have taken the initiative to establish their in-house bid teams, recognizing the strategic importance of this function.

The creation of these internal Bid and Tender Writing teams has played a pivotal role in elevating the standards of bid writing. Recent years have borne witness to a noticeable uptick in the quality of bid and tender writing. As these standards have continued to ascend, individuals and organisations relying solely on their in-house capabilities have encountered increasingly formidable challenges in staying competitive. Consequently, the demand for assistance and support from external Bid and Tender Writers has seen a remarkable surge.

At Tender Response, we are poised and ready to extend our expertise in bid and tender writing, along with tailored support for clients deeply entrenched in the intricacies of competitive tendering. To explore how our services can benefit your esteemed organisation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Bid or Proposal Writing Service at Tender Response:

Our Bid Writing service offers comprehensive support for the bids that bear the greatest significance to your organisation. Whether it involves navigating a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ), Standard Selection Questionnaire (SSQ), Invitation to Tender (ITT), Request for Proposal (RFP), Grant Applications, or R&D Funding Application, we shoulder the entire responsibility of meticulously crafting your bid and assembling the requisite documentation.

Guided by the sagacious leadership of Vicky Poole, who steered teams of sales and bid writers in responding to public sector contracts for 15 years, boasting an impressive 80% win rate, we apply our proprietary professional methodology. Our approach is unambiguously results-driven. Every tender we deliver is painstakingly conceived and tailored to meet the precise contract specifications set forth by the issuing commissioner. This rigorous process entails deftly weaving words and ideas into a persuasive pitch, and it consistently yields remarkable results.

Ultimately, our work encapsulates the definitive reasons why your organisation naturally stands out as the preferred choice for each bid you pursue. We collaborate closely with you to identify the elements that distinguish you from the competition, ensuring that these unique selling points are artfully interwoven throughout your proposal or tender response.

In an environment where only the crème de la crème of bids can triumph, allow us to guide you towards achieving the zenith of bidding excellence.

Collaborating with Our Bid Writing Consultants:

At Tender Response, we approach bid writing with a relentless commitment to success. Our team comprises seasoned Bid Writing Consultants, each boasting extensive experience in the intricate domain of bidding, all unwaveringly dedicated to applying our exclusive professional methodology.

When you choose to partner with us, anticipate a collaborative and immersive experience. Each project commences with a Strategy Workshop, a forum where your internal Subject Matter Experts work in concert with the Tender Response team. The duration of this workshop typically spans 1 to 2 hours, contingent upon the complexity of the bid.

From this inaugural workshop, the bid strategy is meticulously defined, and a production schedule is crafted. Subsequent knowledge transfer sessions, laser-focused on specific facets of the bid, are meticulously scheduled with your team. These sessions typically demand up to 1 hour per day of your subject matter expert’s time during the production phase. We consistently strive to harmonize with your existing work commitments, allowing your subject matter experts to continue their invaluable work within your organisation.

Recognizing the criticality of time management during a live bid, our workshops and subsequent meetings are conducted via video conferencing, thereby eliminating unproductive travel time and associated costs.

We maintain all response-related materials in a secure enclave accessible to each customer, affording a transparent view of progress. Daily individual action updates ensure transparency throughout the entirety of the process.

Upon completion, a comprehensive draft of the written bid will be delivered to you. We wholeheartedly encourage you to scrutinize it meticulously, offering forthright feedback and suggested edits. Following your invaluable input, we refine and perfect the bid, presenting it to you in its final form for submission.

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As a kind of small, medium business, tenders are very time consuming, can be quite arduous, potentially complex, and she cut through it all, making it very clear, concise, articulate, and helped us with our final submission in terms of writing the final draft, which basically allowed us to focus on selling our business, our services and USPs and the commercials into the template that was required and necessary for the project in hand. And happily to say, sort of 10 days later, our first using of Vicky's services, we won that tender.

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